Clifftop Monastery

Meteora (Greece)

The fog intermittently broke up and revealed the rock pillars of Meteora in central Greece. Chance!


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo (Japan)

Parallel Universe

Shanghai (China)

Shanghai has a crazy mix of different architectural styles. Art deco, postmodern, neoclassical, ultra modern, …

Timeless Beauty

Lake O’Hara @ Yoho National Park (Canada)

Lake O’Hara nestles in the Canadian Rockies at more than 6,600 feet “like an emerald in a bowl of mountains,” wrote paleontologist Charles Walcott in 1911. And so, I made this in monochrome as a tribute to the timeless beauty.

Mountain Light

View along the Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

In daytime long exposure photography, cloud streaks are created from the movement of clouds against the background of a uniform sky. This photo appears like one of those. But no, these are just rays of sunlight that radiate from the rising sun behind the mountain. No technique involved and no post-processing.

Night Market

Jemaa el-Fnaa @ Marrakesh (Morocco)

Dusk falls on the market square and steam rises from food stalls. Taste, smell, sight, noise … you’re in for a feast of the senses!


Veliki Slap @ Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)