Weekly Photo Challenge: Face


Zen Face

This was taken 5 years ago when I first started to enjoy photography. Obviously, I had no idea of bokeh and I didn’t even have a proper camera/lens to do so. Nevertheless, I am still happy with how I composed this shot by giving it a tight crop. I rarely do vertical portrait shots nowadays.

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

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  2. Amy

    It looks like my earlier comment didn’t go through, maybe it was the wifi problem.
    This was my thought. This is one of the very few photos that captured the aesthetic of the sculpture, but also the philosophy behind it. I love it!


    1. Jeremy Post author

      Wow, it means so much to me that someone actually bothers to come back a write a second comment (your first comment probably didn’t go through and not in the spam box too). Thank you, Amy. Always encouraging words from you and I will try my best to play WPC again soon 🙂

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