Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo (Japan)

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Thanks, Abrie! I’m super glad to hear your opinion about the presence yet absence of people. Because others might think it is a distraction or flaw in the photo 🙂


  1. Mabel Kwong

    Beautifully done, Jeremy. Sharp reflection. I like the people’s reflection in this photo – the bird doesn’t seem to care for anything or anyone around him. He looks like he is the most important bird in the world 😀

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    1. Jeremy Post author

      Thanks, Mabel. You are probably one of the very few who are impressed with the people’s reflection … most would expect them to be in the frame as well. Some may even think it is a distraction. I’m glad to have an admirer for this unusual composition, haha.

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  2. saturinskies

    The front reflection is very clear but reflection of the people are disfigured because of the ripples. That really stood out to me and it could mean something if you wanted to put a concept into this photo. This photo can say many things all in one capture.



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