Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience


Outdoor Onsen (Japanese Hot Spring)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

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  2. Amy

    Hi Jeremy, Happy to see you. I was thinking of you and your beautiful photos of Japan yesterday, then saw your clicks! I’m visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, … 🙂


    1. Jeremy Post author

      There are only a handful of bloggers whom I would bother to track back to read any unread posts. And Amy ranks high up there 🙂 Japan is by far my favorite country. Not sure whether you will just miss the fall colors at its peak in Kyoto, but it should still be awesome nevertheless.

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      1. Amy

        I feel honored whenever I see your click. Thank you so much for making an effort to visit, Jeremy.
        We are here for the fall colors. Not sure it’s a bit early, leave are not turning into fall colors yet. Nonetheless, I’m constantly in awe with its beauty, culture, … been here for 11 days ,two more days after today.


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