Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian



Charles Bridge @ Prague (Czech Republic)

The Charles Bridge is almost always filled with tourists, street artists, musicians, buskers and vendors. I generally dislike people appearing in my photos and therefore came back during dawn, which has a very different mood. It would be ideal if it was foggier.


Street Lamp

The photo below is a view of the bridge and its pedestrians (a few hours later when the city wakes up). Prague castle is in the background. Post-processing in black and white is unlikely to appeal to most people, but I don’t have to please everyone and I like how it turns out πŸ™‚ I was overlooking from the Old Town Bridge Tower. Most towers or observation decks are usually crowded and expensive. Agree? But not this one! It is relatively empty and cheap. I could even setup my tripod without bothering anyone. Very strange for such a cool vantage point … probably Prague’s best kept secret?



22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

  1. Amy

    Beautifully captured, with people and without. The beauty and tranquility of the morning of the unique city are there through your lens.
    I have seen this city/bridge and numerous photos of the bridge, none is as beautiful as your photos, not even close.


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