Bow River

Bow River @ Banff National Park (Canada)

It was a pity that wildfire smoke near Banff National Park made it hard for us to take in the sights. Thick smoke has blanketed the region and we were greeted with hazy skies. Not ideal condition for hiking or photography, but I managed to get a shot which I really like. Thanks to the setting sun that briefly lit up the river and some trees.


3 thoughts on “Bow River

    1. Jeremy Post author

      Thanks for following 🙂 I guess it is mutual attraction, haha. I agree with your post “When A Photographer” and impressed with the photos which beckoned me to follow. I even bookmarked your site so that I can slowly visit your older posts as the WP Reader only shows the newer ones.

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      1. AmyRose🌹

        Oh wow! I am very touched, Jeremy. My two main focuses right now are composition and emotion. Winter is mostly the time when I heavily “play” in PS for special effects. Your photography I could just fall into. Amazing! I’m so glad our paths crossed.


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