About Blogger

Hi there, you probably arrived at this page because you’ve taken a slight interest in my posts. Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jeremy. I enjoy photography as a hobby and this blog showcases my photos (not selfies). My genre is travel and landscape photography, but I don’t have any distinctive or signature style (yet). I shall stick to my self-imposed rule of posting black and white photos only.

Recently, I enjoy shooting the night sky. So, this page is an exception with a few colored images 🙂

Star Trails @ Sahara Desert (Morocco)
Backcountry Camping @ Bon Echo Provincial Park (Canada)
Star Trails and Polaris @ Killarney Provincial Park (Canada)
Milky Way @ Wadi Rum Desert (Jordan)

27 thoughts on “About Blogger

  1. M.C. Scripturus

    It’s nice to see another Canada situated blogger! I’ve just stumbled upon the blog and I am enjoying my findings so far! I’m having a good laugh at the specification of the “not selfies” part.

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  2. Kat

    Hi Jeremy,
    Glad that I came across your blog and such a talented photographer you are! Your photos are amazing and incredible. Looking forward to see more interesting shots 🙂



  3. kindredsoulsin

    I couldn’t find the place to comment on your blog, I’m kinda slow! 😀 Had no idea Tate Modern in London was a power plant, now m digging into its history 🙂 Great pictures



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