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Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose


CaixaForum Madrid (Spain)

There seems to be a global trend of converting abandoned electrical stations and old power plants to museums or art galleries. CaixaForum Madrid (Spain), Tate Modern (UK) and The Power Plant (Canada), just to name a few.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve


ArtScience Museum (Singapore)

The lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum and the crescent moon seem to complement each another. My response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract


Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (Spain)

A close-up of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The architect, Frank Gehry, said that “the randomness of the curves are designed to catch the light”. I think I caught the reflection of the Sun.

An architectural masterpiece that is full of imagination. My submission for Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance


Shenzhen (China)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant


Singapore Skyline

Vibrant Night.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition


Shenzhen (China)

Cities are always in transition, some quicker than the others. These apartments in the foreground are probably just two or three decades “young”, but it is already time for them to be demolished and make way for the taller condominiums.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

Hasta la victoria siempre

Hasta la victoria siempre

The face of Che Guevara has become an iconic image, used as a symbol of protest as well as in pop-culture such as fashion accessories and street art. How can I leave Havana (Cuba) without a photo of the poster boy, right? When I took this shot, I did not pay attention to the words on the wall. It is a shame that I did not even realize that this is one of his most famous quotes!

Hasta la victoria siempre” translates to “Until victory always“.