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Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo (Japan)

Parallel Universe

Shanghai (China)

Shanghai has a crazy mix of different architectural styles. Art deco, postmodern, neoclassical, ultra modern, …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage


Classic, Post-modern, Contemporary … Facades @ Barcelona (Spain)

Catalan Gothic and Modernisme architecture may be the mainstream in Barcelona, but the city has a variety of other architectural styles to offer too. I intentionally included the trees in the foreground to highlight that these facades are actual street view, which otherwise look like a Photoshopped collage.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose


CaixaForum Madrid (Spain)

There seems to be a global trend of converting abandoned electrical stations and old power plants to museums or art galleries. CaixaForum Madrid (Spain), Tate Modern (UK) and The Power Plant (Canada), just to name a few.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve


ArtScience Museum (Singapore)

The lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum and the crescent moon seem to complement each another. My response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract


Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (Spain)

A close-up of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The architect, Frank Gehry, said that “the randomness of the curves are designed to catch the light”. I think I caught the reflection of the Sun.

An architectural masterpiece that is full of imagination. My submission for Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance


Shenzhen (China)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance