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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set


Georgian Bay @ Ontario (Canada)

For this week’s photo challenge, I have decided to share a sunset shot which was taken more than 6 years ago. I was shooting into the sun and have combined 3 bracketed shots to produce this HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo. I rarely do HDR photography now, but I was very addicted to it during my early days as a hobbyist photographer. This is one of my first photos and I was probably very proud or had a false sense of achievement. It is embarrassing to look at it now because I can see many flaws in my technique, and yet it is very satisfying to know that I have come a long way.

P.S. If I had taken just a single shot directly at the sun, then I would have ended up with a silhouette photo and it would not be possible to see the vibrant colors in the foreground.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow


Lake O’Hara @ Yoho National Park (Canada)

I was all alone witnessing the golden hue. In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction


Toronto (Canada)

This is a very ordinary picture. In fact, it is not even a good example of street photography because despite capturing a moment on the street, it doesn’t really tell a story.

However, this shot has given me great satisfaction at a personal level. For a few years, I had numerous failed attempts with “panning”, which is a technique of sweeping the camera along in time with the moving subject and to get a relatively sharp subject but a blurred background with horizontal streaks. It freezes a moment and yet gives a feeling of movement and speed. I never nail it until this one.

By the way, panning comes from the word panorama.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


Algonquin Provincial Park (Canada)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path



Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration


Algonquin Provincial Park (Canada)

Two paddlers taking a break to admire the beauty of nature. If you are reading this from WordPress App, then you may need to click into the post to see them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape


Berg Lake Trail @ Mount Robson (Canada)

By definition, landscape photography should be purely natural, but I prefer to add a human element, even if it is very small in the frame.