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Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction


Toronto (Canada)

This is a very ordinary picture. In fact, it is not even a good example of street photography because despite capturing a moment on the street, it doesn’t really tell a story.

However, this shot has given me great satisfaction at a personal level. For a few years, I had numerous failed attempts with “panning”, which is a technique of sweeping the camera along in time with the moving subject and to get a relatively sharp subject but a blurred background with horizontal streaks. It freezes a moment and yet gives a feeling of movement and speed. I never nail it until this one.

By the way, panning comes from the word panorama.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

Dinner Date

Dinner Date

Candid shot of a sweet couple outside a restaurant. Seems like his treat, but he got to check his wallet first.

My response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat. Pardon me for not going with the Halloween theme or the self-indulgence theme … I don’t have those photos in my archives 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

Tokyo Cyclist

Tokyo Cyclist

Wet day, dull sky, boring buildings and two bridges with clashing colors that nearly hurt my eyes. Everything was so unappealing to me. But when this cyclist came along, he was like the last piece of the puzzle that pulled all the other ordinary things together. Somehow, it became just right 🙂

My response to Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

A Line of Portable Toilets

A Line of Portable Toilets

These temporary toilets aligned neatly along the street of Cusco (Peru), supposedly ready for a massive festival or street parade. However, they were carelessly misoriented such that the front door of each cubicle was stacked against the backside of the next cubicle! Not sure if I describe the situation well enough, but you are actually looking at the sides of the toilets!

OMG, nature calls, where’s the door?!

This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Door (or the lack of one).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats

The picturesque coastal village of Vernazza (Cinque Terre, Italy) is quiet during off-season, especially in the evening. I attempted to create a miniature and toy-like effect for these fishing boats.

My response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

On the Way

On the Way

On his way to the hat shop … for another Panama hat?! I love that beaming face 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Peko Chan


This was inside a crowded cafe in Tokyo and I was amused that the journalist was doing a live interview with a mascaot, Peko-chan (a popular Japanese character). It was hilarious that Peko-chan had the same “yummy” expression throughout the session 😛

My response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

P.S. This may be one of my last posts for a while. I’m flying off to China for a work assignment and I think they are blocking WordPress (a.k.a. freedom of speech?). Therefore, I may not be able to blog or read your blogs. Expect to be back 3 months later.