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First Cliff Walk

Grindelwald-First (Switzerland)

First Cliff Walk does not mean my first attempt to walk on a cliff. It is the name of the lookout platform at First Mountain in Grindelwald, which offers breathtaking view of the Alps in Switzerland. The 4,078m Schreckhorn is in the background.

Probably my favorite photo of 2019.

The Alps

Pennine Alps (Switzerland)

Looking up at the Pennine Alps and looking down at the village of Zermatt. I cannot decide which is a better choice for this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge: Monochrome.

Zermatt (Switzerland)

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn and Stellisee Lake (Switzerland)

The Matterhorn standing alone on the horizon. The still waters of the lake reflect its beauty.

Lens-Artists Challenge: Seeing Double

Layers of Mountains

Lake Lucerne (Switzerland)

Lens-Artists Challenge: Layered