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Veliki Slap @ Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)

Emperor Falls

Emperor Falls @ Mount Robson Provincial Park, Canada

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


Algonquin Provincial Park (Canada)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

The End Of The Waterfall

The End Of The Waterfall by Lillian Molstad Andresen

The End Of The Waterfall by Lillian Molstad Andresen

This is a unique composition for a waterfall. What’s so special?

Most of us will shoot the entire waterfall, from top to bottom. If it’s a really tall one, then we shoot in portrait (vertical) mode, just to include the whole thing into the frame. It’s our instinct and a no-brainer. Not that it’s wrong, of course.

This photographer, however, cleverly excluded the top portion of the waterfall so that its height is left to our imagination! The vertical drop can be as grand as you can imagine. I think it’s an awesome idea. But before I have my next chance to shoot a waterfall again, I shall browse through my old photos and see if I can crop them to simulate this effect.

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