Weekly Photo Challenge: Time



Cuba … neither words nor photos can describe that “frozen in time” feeling. You’ve got to experience it to fully comprehend.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

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  2. Amy

    β€œFrozen in time” feeling of Havana, what a brilliant take on. Thank you so much, Jeremy for taking us to the places you have traveled via your magnificent photos. Your photos tell wonderful stories, whether is an old car, a wall, a historical statue, a beautiful landscape, a narrow stone alley of a valley, a perfect lake reflections…


      1. Amy

        I have never visited Cuba, but know a little bit about this special (sad) place… I can’t think of another place that “frozen time” like this country. I love your choice!!


  3. M.C. Scripturus

    I have family that visit Cuba every other year. Every time they’ve come back they say it’s like taking a portal back in time, reliving memories of past decades, like the place had been frozen in the 50’s and 60’s. How interesting it must be for those that live there.



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